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Our team of Expert Financial analysts help you grow, market, and strategise your business. May it be a startup, Family owned business, or SME IPOs, we offer tailored business services.

Startup Solutions Tailored for Success

From Investability AI reports to crafting compelling pitch decks and conducting thorough business valuations, our startup fundraising services are designed to help you get the funds you need to scale & succeed.

Fund Raising

We provide expert fundraising services for startups, including pitch decks, investor relations, and deal negotiations and elements of fundraising plans.

Foreign Market Entry

With our Foreign market entry strategies you will be able to unlock global success through market entry expertise, strategy, localization, and international expansion plans tailored to your needs.

Arbitrage Acquistions

Take advantage of market discrepancies to fuel rapid startup expansion and raise valuations through mergers and strategic acquisitions

Investor Mapping (Global)

Find your ideal investors worldwide & get personalised profiling and targeted connections for your successful startup journey.

Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory (M&A)

Our consultants will help startups identify, execute, and structure profitable mergers and acquisitions strategies that will unlock growth.

Research and Advisory Services

Our mission is to provide startups with research and advisory services. The latest market analysis, competition, risk management, and expert guidance to help them align and grow their businesses.

Risk Management

We provide comprehensive risk management solutions to protect your startup from financial and operational risks.

Financial Modelling and Valuation

Our financial modelling and valuation analysis will enable your startup to grow and attract investors

Pitchbook Preparation

With our pitch book preparation expertise, you’ll be able to win over investors with compelling narratives, tailored information, and professional design.

Financial Sponsor

We enable startups to grow faster by partnering with our financial sponsors and private equity and venture capital firms.

3X-5X Growth Strategy

Our strategic blueprint enables startups to achieve 3x-5x revenue & inclusive growth through new opportunities and risk management.

Pivoting to Investability

With refined strategies, enhanced operations, and scalable business models, our experts help startups appeal to investors.

Investibility AI Report

We provide objective analysis of financials, emerging market trends, competition, and team competence for investor readiness based on AI reports.

About Alcor

We are ALCOR Investment Bank

We are an Investment Bank with operations in India and supported globally in Asia, Middle-east, Europe, Africa, and the Americas. Our Harvard educated management team with its global relationships of 12,000+ funds (PE, VC, Debt) and in-depth know-how on Cross Border Mergers and Acquisitions uses a cube-i model of corporate governance to ensure the globalization of services by localization. Our strengths lie in combining our strategic growth understanding with our market expertise and applying these with an absolute commitment to your growth and success. Our core business growth imperatives are to work with clients to maximize the pace and alignment required to grow their business and to reduce the related risk. ALCOR has more than 100 working years in the industry. At ALCOR, we recognize the importance of good corporate governance.

Up to 2022, Activist campaigns are moving at a record rate.

According to our Alcor Advisory Group’s Q1 2023 Review of Shareholder Activism, the number of newly initiated campaigns worldwide has already reached a record high this year.


Testimonials are evidence of customers speaking in their own words about your good or service. The greatest ones are genuine, descriptive, and precise so that potential customers can relate to the client, the issue, and the solution.

Our Management Team

Team of diverse and talented leaders.


Our business offers our clients top-notch financial and strategic guidance, assisting them in achieving their objectives and overcoming obstacles. We are dedicated to providing our clients with value by assisting them in achieving their goals and realising their full potential.

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