Accelerate Your Financial Goals with Alcor iBank

Family-Run Business Solutions for Success

A tailored funding solution can help family-owned businesses grow and take advantage of opportunities. We make it possible to expand globally, innovate, and acquire.


Boost your family business’s fundraising with equity, debt, hybrid financing, and investor attraction support from Alcor Investment Bank.

Business Growth

Take your family business to new markets and products with Alcor’s strategic consulting and financing services.


We can assist you with identifying targets and securing financing for acquisitions, broadening the horizons of your family business.

New Product Development

From ideation to launch, Alcor’s experts in marketing, finance, and operations can help you build successful products.

Foreign Market Entry

Take advantage of Alcor’s market research, strategic planning, and financial consulting for seamless entry into global markets.


Boost efficiency and profitability with Alcor’s business optimization services, enhancing operations and capital structure.

Risk Management

Our proactive risk management expertise will keep your family business safe, from establishing robust strategies to modeling the risks.

Succession Planning

Ensure seamless transitions with Alcor’s expert succession planning, grooming successors, and ensuring your business’ legacy.

Regulatory Compliance

Our legal and regulatory compliance guidance and training makes compliance effortless for family businesses.

Supply Chain Management

Improve efficiency by streamlined procurement, inventory management, and optimised distribution with Alcor’s supply chain expertise.


Increase productivity with Alcor’s efficiency solutions: pinpoint inefficiencies, automate processes, and rethink operations.

Small Business Grow Faster with our consulting Services


Testimonials are evidence of customers speaking in their own words about your good or service. The greatest ones are genuine, descriptive, and precise so that potential customers can relate to the client, the issue, and the solution.

Our Management Team

Team of diverse and talented leaders.


Our business offers our clients top-notch financial and strategic guidance, assisting them in achieving their objectives and overcoming obstacles. We are dedicated to providing our clients with value by assisting them in achieving their goals and realising their full potential.

Small Business Grow Faster with our consulting Services

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