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By George Molakal

About George

George Molakal is the Chief Executive of ALCOR FUND. investing globally and managing a portfolio of companies worldwide. George has built companies into multibillion-dollar companies. He has brought a new perspective to company growth through his ‘Cube-i model’ of multi-company governance, ‘Strategy 360’, and ‘MBI takeover’.

George is an industry speaker and has addressed the Euro Summit, World Startup Expo, and several global forums. George has won social awards from WHO and UNICEF for his Anti-Tobacco activities and is actively involved in charity and philanthropy programs. Asha care The ‘widow care and skills development program’ has won global recognition and awards to empower women and children’s education. George did his early studies at St. Josephs in Coonoor, India, and then moved to the United Kingdom and currently lives in Chicago; George has studied at Cardiff University, Oxford University, and the Harvard Business School.

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