Your Family Legacy,
Financial Expertise

Our services are tailored exclusively to meet your needs. Discover how we can help your family enterprise succeed.

Your Family Legacy,
Financial Expertise

Our services are tailored exclusively to meet your needs. Discover how we can help your family enterprise succeed.


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Every Family Business is unique, so are our services.

At Alcor, we specialise in offering tailored, comprehensive approaches through collaborative partnerships with our skilled professionals.


Boost your family business’s fundraising with equity, debt, hybrid financing, and investor attraction support from Alcor Investment Bank.

New Product Development

From ideation to launch, Alcor’s experts in marketing, finance, and operations can help you build successful products.

Foreign Market Entry

Take advantage of Alcor’s market research, strategic planning, and financial consulting for seamless entry into global markets.

Succession Planning

Ensure seamless transitions with Alcor’s expert succession planning, grooming successors, and ensuring your business’ legacy.

Business Growth

Take your family business to new markets and products with Alcor’s strategic consulting and financing services.


We can assist you with identifying targets and securing financing for acquisitions, broadening the horizons of your family business.


Boost efficiency and profitability with Alcor’s business optimization services, enhancing operations and capital structure.

Risk Management

Our proactive risk management expertise will keep your family business safe, from establishing robust strategies to modeling the risks.

Regulatory Compliance

Our legal and regulatory compliance guidance and training makes compliance effortless for family businesses.

Supply Chain Management

Improve efficiency by streamlined procurement, inventory management, and optimised distribution with Alcor’s supply chain expertise.


Increase productivity with Alcor’s efficiency solutions: pinpoint inefficiencies, automate processes, and rethink operations.

We are ALCOR Investment Bank

About Alcor

We are an Investment Bank with operations in India and supported globally in Asia, Middle-east, Europe, Africa, and the Americas. Our Harvard educated management team with its global relationships of 12,000+ funds (PE, VC, Debt) and in-depth know-how on Cross Border Mergers and Acquisitions uses a cube-i model of corporate governance to ensure the globalization of services by localization. Our strengths lie in combining our strategic growth understanding with our market expertise and applying these with an absolute commitment to your growth and success. Our core business growth imperatives are to work with clients to maximize the pace and alignment required to grow their business and to reduce the related risk. ALCOR has more than 100 working years in the industry. At ALCOR, we recognize the importance of good corporate governance.

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At Alcor, our primary focus is to work hand in hand with our clients to accelerate their business growth

How We Work

Alcor iBank's fast and transparent procedure ensures our customers understand how we operate. Our financing and service methods are outlined here

Initial Consultation

Initial Consultation

We kickstart our process with an initial consultation to understand your unique goals, objectives, and challenges, allowing us to tailor our services to your needs.

Evaluation and Assessment

Evaluation and Assessment

Our Finance Experts develop a strategy after evaluating your company or investment potential. Market dynamics, financials, and growth prospects are examined.

Strategy Development

Strategy Development

After the assessment, our expert team devises a customized strategy that outlines the necessary steps to achieve your financial goals.



Once you approve the strategy, we initiate the execution phase, ensuring smooth and timely completion of tasks while adhering to strict deadlines.



We ensure transparency throughout the process, offering frequent updates, resolving your issues, and working together to accomplish the desired results.


Ready to Transform Your Business?

Have Questions?

Find the answers you need in our comprehensive FAQ section.

1. How can Alcor IBank help my family-owned business with fundraising?

Alcor IBank specialises in providing customized fundraising solutions for family-owned businesses, including debt and equity financing, private placements, and strategic partnerships. We leverage our extensive network of investors and financial institutions to connect you with the right funding sources tailored to your unique business needs.

2. What is the process for acquiring another company with the assistance of Alcor IBank?

Alcor IBank can guide you through the entire acquisition process for your family-owned business. We start by conducting due diligence, valuation analysis, and identifying potential target companies that align with your strategic goals. Our team assists in negotiating favorable terms, structuring the transaction, and managing post-acquisition integration to ensure a smooth and successful acquisition.

3. Can Alcor IBank provide guidance on succession planning for my family-owned business?

Yes, Alcor IBank understands the complexities of succession planning in family-owned businesses. We offer personalized guidance and expertise to help you navigate through this process. Our team can assist in developing a comprehensive succession plan, addressing issues related to leadership transition, governance, and preserving family wealth.

4. How can Alcor IBank assist with optimizing my family-owned business's supply chain?

Alcor IBank’s team of industry experts can help optimize your family-owned business’s supply chain by identifying efficiencies, reducing costs, and improving operational processes. We conduct comprehensive supply chain analysis, assess vendor relationships, and recommend strategies to streamline procurement, inventory management, and logistics.

5. What services does Alcor IBank offer for regulatory compliance for family-owned businesses?

Alcor IBank provides comprehensive regulatory compliance services for family-owned businesses. Our team can assist with understanding and complying with relevant regulations and governance frameworks, such as financial reporting standards, tax compliance, labor laws, and environmental regulations. We help ensure that your family-owned business complies with applicable laws and regulations to mitigate risks.

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Sr No – 110/111, 2ND Floor, Ansec House, Porwal Park, Yerwada, Pune Maharashtra 411006 INDIA

General Enquiries

Phone: +1 800 507 4489 / 020-29911979 & Email: [email protected]

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