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Alcor Funding Assistance Business Valuation Tool

Business Valuation Tool

The calculator you need if you’re raising capital.

Finding the true worth of the business is now easy with our latest and state-of-the-art business valuation calculator. Created in collaboration with business experts and industry investors, fused with real-world parameters, to make a quick financial assessment, and let you discover the spot-on value of the business.

Our instant free valuation tool gives you a quick idea of how much your business is worth. Stay prepared and with a step ahead!

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Find Out An Estimated Value Of Your Business Easily With Our Estimator.

With this tool, you get to see the real life consequences of investment terms before you sign the term sheet. Use it to better prepare yourself for negotiations with investors.

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Simple Free Valuation

Find the right figure for your business valuation with our Short & Free EBITDA-based calculator.

Detailed Valuation

Get a true worth for your business in a snap! Find a reliable and detailed valuation with our authentic business valuation calculator, derived from realistic financial norms and investment standards.

Focused Valuation

Focused Calculator is what you need to make Complex valuation calculations Easy! Track your business performance and get the right price for our startup with our ultra-detailed calculator based on factual parameters, industrial logic, and business comparisons.

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